Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Whoops some of charter event chaps overlooked

How did I manage to forget Gordon Ellis-Brown from the roster of attendees at that very first ECMOD - sorry ! Think there were a few others too - very possibly John Hearle from Seton.

That brings me neatly around to Seton. Recall my first meeting with Dick Fiske who was then US CEO of the business at a conference of the Business Mailers Group in Chicago - 1984 ? Anyway made a small presentation there about international (UK) opportunities awaiting US B2B catalog businesses - and Dick decided to test. A few months later and the lovely John Hearle had been assigned from the UK Brady Corporation team to lead the start-up and my business LMI provided the lists, print management, and lettershop work. Suffice to say the Seton UK business went on to flourish and I even had a hand in finding its first marketing manager who was brought in as the first UK catalogues were coming on stream and I also had a bit of a hand in recommending Sanderson's Mailbrain solution to the business. What's great these days is that Seton has won lots of ECMOD Awards - it is a real role model for the B2B sector - and that its current CEO Peter Sephton spoke at our ECMOD2009 conference. (Indeed I remember when Peter first joined the business and took part in a certification programme which we ran in association with Ernie Schell in Worcester). And Dick Fiske along with head of international Guy Markhewka became fabulous sources of new US B2B contacts - including the fabulous Don Libey who I must have known since 1985 ?
more later ....

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